Springfield Area Emmaus
230 East High Street, Springfield, OH 45505

Springfield Emmaus Willing Servant Sheet        Revised April 2015

Please Print Name:______________________________________________________


Home Ph:_____________ Cell Ph:_____________ Regularly Attend Share Group? Y / N

Church Attending: _______________________ Walk # _____  Walk Location __________


Information is current as of: (Date) ____________________________________

============ I Am Willing To Serve In These Areas: ============

Please Check All That Apply

__ Help serving meals      __ Be a Meal Coordinator      __ Help with Agape for weekend

__ Help Registrar (contact pilgrims before walk)   __ Help Set up/Tear Down for weekend

__ Help with Sponsorship (get info to Sponsors)    __ Help get word out about Emmaus

__ Help on purchasing team for weekend       __ Be On a Live-In Team      __ Lead Music

__ Play an instrument: _____________    __ Offer special music for Gatherings or walks

__ Help with the newsletter  __ Help with social after Gatherings  __ Help set up Worship

__ Provide secretarial help at Board Meetings     __ Help inventory and organize supplies

__ Help clean bathrooms during a walk    __Help get people connected to Share Groups 

__ To learn more about Emmaus by attending the Leadership Development Event (LDE)

Help in other ways: ______________________________________________________

Please Mail to: Springfield Area Emmaus, 230 East High Street, Springfield OH 45505

Springfield Emmaus